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Who I Am

I'm Tanya Strubin, an ADHD coaching professional and a registered social worker in Victoria, BC.  I'm passionate about ADHD and I'm here to partner with you to make meaningful changes in your life.  Both my personal and professional experiences have fueled my passion for ADHD, working with those who experience it, and their support systems.  I am a mom of with parenting experience of ADHD and the challenges that come with it. 

I'm certified ADHD Coach, a 20+ year social worker with a master's degree and extensive experience working with children, youth and adults in the community, health care and school system.  My services are provided in a meaningful, non-judgmental and neurodiversity-informed manner.  Please contact me with any questions about my services.

Sincerely, Tanya Strubin, MSW, RSW, CALC

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